Sunday, 11 October 2009


Whilst working in my sketchbook this morning I thought I just pop out and take a cutting from my Honeysuckle bush. The berries are almost finished now but there were still a few ripe ones left for me to draw. So i'm drawing away and one bursts over the page! I'm a terrible worrier so wondering if the berries are poisonous I quickly jumped onto google to find out. Thankfully they are not but I wouldn't recommend anyone is complacent about them.
The site had a list of berries with images and I was quite shocked to see one that I pass quite a lot out and about which I always feel drawn to for its structure and almost luminous quality I'm always thinking of collecting a few and drawing them. I wouldn't have known at all that it was a deadly as I found out today! So take care when your sketching out there especially when drawing natural flora and fauna.

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