Sunday, 6 December 2009

Handmade Dolls

Now my minor project is over! :) I'm at a loose end but not for long I'm sure still a dissertation to finish and on Tuesday we will be given our Final Major Project Brief...... :/ So just to keep myself busy in between a little housework catch up! lol, oh the life of a Student.... I was looking through the latest Selvedge, Folk! Issue 31 Nov/Dec 2009 and came across the following dolls by Pip Squeak Chapeau and Apolline a Paris pop and have a look they are just gorgeous and the Apolline site is just a dream! Now I'm thinking, have a go see what you come up with after the Momiji Couture Contest doll who knows. ( The result for which is to be announced this week I believe watch the Momiji blogspot!) I'm knitting little bobble hats again and matching scarf and have some lovely linen as I want them to have a pure natural look about them, possibly a little scandanavian? Will post some pics soon as when I head back into college this week will print some little areas of the dresses before cleaning the screens for the Christmas break. Where has this year gone?.......

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