Thursday, 13 May 2010

End of an Era !

Can't believe four years of study is over!!! well not quite there is an MA looming :} Monday was a strange day hand in the final major project then move out of my lovely home and head down to Cambridge. New beginnings :) Over the past couple of weeks I have barely had time to think of anything other than printing, fingers crossed XXX
So what have I done since landing here in Cambridge?....
Well Tuesday I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum to see the Making Waves exhibition by Maggi Hambling they are impressive paintings of waves and you really get a sense of the power of the sea with the scale of them.
Wednesday the Vue Cinema to see the new Ridley Scott, Robin Hood film. Gorgeous costume and a refreshingly different take on the history of Robin Hood, loved it!!
Thursday wander around the shops there are a couple I need to post on here that are just yummy for handmade gifts. Today's is Callyco for fine fabrics and accessories some really delightful prints as well as buttons, ribbons and clothkits.

Tomorrow I think I might pop down to Kettlesyard. I'll post more when I've been down but it's one of my favourite galleries with work by Ben Nicholson and Picasso.


  1. It does feel abit weird doesn't it! hope all is well in Cambridge :). See you soon. xx

  2. Cambridge has be fab! Feels like a proper holiday with the sunshine :) See you in a weeks time XXX