Thursday, 6 January 2011

Aycliffe Angels Exhibiton

I've booked gallery space in January 2012 to hold an exhibiton at Greenfield Community & Arts Centre. I'm really keen to explore the story of the Aycliffe Angels (image above is from the communigate site) So today I have contacted the communigate team regarding research and gathering of imagery. Over the coming weeks I will be keeping a blog diary of how my artworks & research develop. I'm really excited and have a lot of ideas already. I can already visualise how I think the exhibition will look so it will be really interesting in a years time to reflect back on how much the outcome changed if it changed at all.


  1. I didn't know this place existed and I don't live too far away it looks a good space. Good luck with the exhibition I shall go and see it:¬)

  2. Thanks Jan Greenfields has a lot of things going on classes etc you should pop in and have a look. Happy New Year :)