Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Weeks are flying by

This weekend has been officially designated as my catch up weekend :} A little bit of time to batten down the hatches and gather my thoughts. The Tiny Gallery has take up quite a bit of my time, no regrets, but I need to produce some work myself for a craft fair on Wednesday evening at Greenfields Community Art Centre and of course theres the Aycliffe Angels exhibition to think about. I picked up a short documentary a fortnight ago about the history of Aycliffe Village with references about the Aycliffe Angles and need to go through it again and start a research sketchbook....
Creatively it's been a fantastic start to the year with my 'scavenger' sketchbook on tour in America with about 10, 000 others there are some absolutely fantastic sketchbooks to view and the standard of artwork is very high. Lots of very inspirational work!

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