Saturday, 10 July 2010


I'm kinda cementing my concept for my sketchbook after reading this article in the National Geographic July 2010 on Bowerbirds. The male Bowerbird build fabulous ground nests, and decorate then collecting things together nuts, funghi, leaves and even manmade objects like coke cans and crisp wrapper. I'm really impressed as they sort them too they are gathered and place decoratively around the nest all of which is to woo prospective females. So my concept is to gather/scavenge items together as the Bowebird does to decorate his nest, not to woo anyone other than people to choose my sketchbook from all the others to look at, lol and decorate my sketchbook. As I have all my art materials in storage it's also about scavenging mark making tools too. Google Bowerbird nests and you'll find some great pics, they just collect anything, straws, bottletops, eggs and they look really sculptural! The arty farty Bowerbird, lol. Bowerbird photo above from....

And to add to my tools a little sewing kit I've scavenged from my parents first aid kit, not the sort you would want to sew any limbs back on with :/

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