Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I love collaging (^_^)

Last night my dad was printing of some of his holiday photo's from his trip to Kenya. He has quite a few of Masai and some didn't print of so well. Being a Scavenger I leapt at this image of Saitoti Ntawasa cutting him out and collaging him onto a new background in my Sketchbook (permission given by dad to use the image) I've always loved the colours of the Masai traditional dress and beads which look stunning against the dry landscapes of Kenya. I felt a bit bad at first putting him in as Masai are not scavenger or hunter gatherers themselves but farmers. Cattle, goats, sheep, milk and blood being their staple diet. I couldn't resist though the image looks great and it is I that is a scavenger not necessarily the images that are created within the pages of the sketchbook

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